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Welcome to Future Leaders International Schools (fliks) where an atmosphere of excellence, creativity, mutual respect, and enthusiasm inspires and supports all students and members of our school populace in reaching their potential in academics, extra-curricular, and inter-personal pursuits. At fliks, we endeavor to develop critical thinking, social development, cultural enrichment, and leadership in our student body. Fliks is a place where commitment for excellence in all subjects and programs is a daily routine; we endeavor to involve students, staff, parents, and the community in a continuous process of academic improvement in a safe environment. We are proud for preparing and nurturing knowledgeable, responsible, and engaged future leaders of our community, country, and the world over.

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School Philosophy
» To build a culture on panning for a better tomorrow

» To build self esteem of a student by praising and valuing achievements
Our Methodologies
It’s common knowledge now that teaching methodologies have been changing rapidly in the past decade.
And it’s those who could stand the pace that stayed afloat.
Learning Policy
At Future Leaders International Schools we work to make the children able, You learn and become able…
When you feel comfortable and safe
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